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Firewood for the Winter in Northwest Arkansas

Posted by Dusty Richards on Jan 18, 2016 11:25:00 AM

Hey partner, hope things are going well at your house this winter. Pat and I have been using a lot of wood in the fireplace to supplement our heating since the weather turned abruptly to winter.

            I had a huge dead oak tree in the pasture that I had some experts cut down between the electric service to the house and a shed the horse used when he was here last. They laid her down in place and my son in law and daughter attacked it with chainsaws and wood splitter. We shared the wood but if the cold keeps up I am going to need some more.


            I bet there isn’t a half dozen of the readers that have ever used a cross cut saw to make firewood. That was work. I didn’t get in this business of burning firewood until I moved to the Ozarks from Arizona in 1960. My late brother in law had a chain saw I borrowed, later on I owned a string of them. But Charles could sharpen one better than anyone I ever knew. He had cut firewood for a charcoal plant for living so he had the experience. As kids, he and my wife kept their family farmhouse fired up with a cross cut saw before the chainsaw arrived on their farm. My wife has not forgotten it either.

            Modern inventions like my computer here are sure better than ole way they did it back then. I love the old west, but I’m glad I am here now.

Till next time, keep the fireplace burning. We’ll be back with more things to warm you up. 

Dusty Richards 

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