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How Does a Writer Take Rejection?

Posted by Dusty Richards on Feb 11, 2016 3:26:00 PM
Howdy folks. 
How do I handle rejections?
Back in those dark years when I seriously considered becoming a writer, I wrote short stories. And I got a few accepted. One I wrote involved an Arkansas sawmill man and a woman who worked in a chicken processing plant. It dealt with the depressed economic times in the 1960’s here in the Ozarks. I thought it was good enough to try at some literary magazine. 


I sent it and got a flowery letter back about how he liked my story but he never printed a short story over ten pages; If I could condense it he would reconsider it. That was not hard on a computer, I reduced the type one number and widened the margin and bingo. It fit in 10 pages. Every word was exactly the the same as the first one. Not one word different.
In a little while here came a letter from him:
Dear Dusty,
I am sorry but I had to reject your story, but when you reduced the words some how you took all the heart of that story.  
 Joe Blow
What lesson did I learn? Rejection was nothing. Did I keep the story? No.
Dr. Phil said all those small clothes in your closet you can’t fit in will only depress you. Give them away. They do not get you to lose weight.
Writing business is a mess! 
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