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How Gene Autry and Will Rogers Met

Posted by Dusty Richards on Apr 1, 2016 11:38:24 AM

How’s your coffee today? Dusty Richards dropping by with some more yarns about the west.

            Everyone has heard some yarn about how stars got started and who discovered them. There are ton of lies going on about how they got their big break and who “found’ them under a rock.

            Gene Autry was a telegraph operator in a railroad depot up in northeast Oklahoma. There wasn’t a lot to do at his place of work, so in between clicking the key he played his guitar and sang songs to empty benches.

gene autry meeting will rogers

            One night the most famous man Oklahoma ever produced came down to the station to catch a train to go somewhere. He listened to Gene playing and asked him why he didn’t do that professionally he thought he was that good.

            It was a good thing, Gene didn’t have false teeth at the time because he later said, he’d swallowed them at Will’s words. The man under the brim of the hat was the famous Will Rogers. And Gene was so convincing that he set out and soon became the singing cowboy on WLS in Chicago at the time it was the largest radio station in the world. That’s what it’s initials stood for.

            In a later interview, Gene spoke about Will’s comments sending him down the road to bigger things than that telegrapher job. They call that a coincidence. I have talked to others who didn’t take that kind of advice and always regretted it. And some too who did and never made it. That’s life ain’t it?

will rogers meeting gene autry

            Good luck on all your endeavors. Dusty Richards

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