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The History of the Western Writers of America

Posted by Dusty Richards on Jan 11, 2016 12:25:04 PM

The Western Writing Industry has been around for as long as we can remember, dating all the way back to John Wayne, Zane Grey, and more! Today, the Western Writers of America is a great hub for all Western writers. Dusty is a proud, long time member, and recipient of the prestigious Spur Award. Today, let’s learn a little bit about the history of the Western writing world, and how this association has played a major role.

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The WWA, as loyals and readers call it, has been around since 1953 as a central hub for all things regarding the American Western Industry. Other genres besides Western can also be found here, including romance, poetry, and even screenwriters for film and television. The WWA has annual conventions which are a great opportunity for writers, readers, and everyone in between to get together and learn more about the Western community. Dusty has been a longtime attendee and is looking forward to this year’s annual convention in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


The Spur Award is a great honor from the Western Writers of America to honor the best writing about the American West in categories including best western historical novel and best short story, just to name a few. Dusty is a proud recipient of the 2007 Spur Award for his work in The Horse Creek Incident and Comanche Moon. Congrats, Dusty!

Keep up the great community, WWA! Saddle up for a wild 2016! 

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